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Spearfishing in Key West
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Key West Spearfishing and Lobstering Techniques
Key West Mini Lobster Season
Key West Mini Lobster Season
Key West Mini Lobster Season
Key West Mini Lobster Season
Key West Mini Lobster Season
Spearfishing in Key West
Spearfishing in Key West
Key West Spearfishing and Lobstering is not unlike most other places with a few
environmental aspects that may effect your style of hunting. Given that our reef line
and shelf run so close to the island, much of we hunt for us in extremely shallow
water, ranging from 3' to 10' of water. Because of this, almost all of our hunting is
done with simple mask, fins, and snorkel. The benefit of this, aside from not having
to lug around heavy equipment, is that hunting is markedly easier. As long as you
have known productive spots at your disposal, you are almost certainly set for a
productive day.

For spearfishing in Key West, we provide the very best guns made as well as pole
spears for the shallower areas. The most common request we have for target are
hogfish and yellow tail snapper. These fish, some of the best tasting fish alive, are
abundant and large here. Found commonly along patch reefs and sharp shelves,
hogfish and yellow tail are typically around 2 to 7 pounds and do run in large groups.
Given that they are found in shallower water, finding them along the right reefs is
commonplace. For the more advanced, we have a multitude of deeper reefs and
wrecks that hold everything from nice cobia and grouper to big amberjacks and
mahi-mahi. As long as you have the skill, we have the equipment and the spots ready
for you.

Lobstering in Key West is all about the spot. Almost all extremely productive spots
are found in 5' or less of water. The most common mistake people make when
lobstering is rushing. Aside from the extended workload it creates, often where
one lobster sits you will find another 10 to 20 just behind it. Rushing in will not only
silt up the area, it will cause the others to "dig in", making them very difficult to get
out. The best tactic on all levels is to relax, take it slow, and let the lobster "walk"
to you. We also tend to shy away from snares as not only will they often catch rock
and coral, they are far more visible and very bulky in tight spots. Try to stick with a
simple tickle stick and gauge as they are almost always more productive. More, in
this case, is not better.

Of course we have to mention the laws surrounding spearfishing and lobstering, as
they play a huge part in your hunting excursion. We recommend taking a look at
link to learn more regarding the relevant laws associated with Florida Keys
Spearfishing and Lobstering Charters.
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